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From Contemporary to Motown to classic rock, to Latin Rhythms, blues and soul, The Midtown Horns band can do it all.


This group of players has a sound with an edge. 


The highly accomplished and experienced horn and  rhythm sections provide the backup for two male lead vocalists and two female vocalists which serve to create a powerful, high energy band.


Whether it’s Bruno Mars,  the Swing and Scat of Brian Setzer, the rich, full throated vocals of Earth Wind and Fire or a soulful rendition of Al Green’s Lets Stay Together, lead vocalists Marty Orio and Oscar Wilson reach the high and low range vocals of many of the world’s greatest songs. The Midtown Horns excel in any genre or era of music. 


The Midtown Horns also feature Lori Zuroff and Sharon Sky both of whom do great interpretations of female artists such as Beyonce, Annie Lennox, Joan Osbourne, Gloria Estevan, Amy Winehouse and many others.  


The Midtown Horns perform Tribute Nights and Tribute Sets for the following eras,genres and artists:


The 70’s, The 80’s, Motown, Earth Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, Chicago, Tower of Power, Decades of Divas, Rhythm and Blues, Classic Rock, Disco Hits and Latin Hits.




Check out our song catalog page to see artists covered and then turn up the volume and check out our song samples page to hear the band. Once you do, we hope you will consider us for your wedding, venue, New Years Celebration or event.


Thanks for listening


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