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The Midtown Horns
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Keyboards-John McManus 

Saxophone-Featured Artist, Janusz Kowalski 

Berklee School of Music

Kate Martin- Vocals 


Kate's vocals are in the high range. She is an experienced performer and an energetic presence on stage.

Lead Vocalist- Marty Orio 


Gregory Kojoyian- Bass guitar,double bass and vocals. Founder

Greg is the bass player and the founder and leader of the band.

He has played in numerous bands throughout the years. His bands have played  such venues and events  as clubs, concerts and casinos in the states of Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Greg studied music at Boston University, Fairleigh Dickenson University and the Berklee School of Music (summer sessions). He has also played bass in big bands and orchestras and  in numerous show musicals.

Guitar -Jeff Franklin 

Jeff is a force and presence on stage. His guitar work is a dynamic of power and beauty. 

Andy Coyle- vocals.

Andy' has a powerful, rich voice that is in the high register

Lori Zuroff- Vocals


Lori has a unique and richly textured voice. The power of her vocals has been known to shatter glass and cause walls to vibrate.

Sharon Sky- Vocals


Sharon handles the high vocal register and is a moving energetic presence on stage.

Oscar Wilson- vocals


Steven Sacks- Trumpet. Founding member, Director of the horn section 

Len Sherman- Sound Engineer

Dick Mcgrath -Trombone


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